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Performance Coaching for champion athletes & teams

Personal Training for adults wanting to move, look, feel GREAT

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You Need A Professional Coach For Support on Your Journey

Youth athletes and adults often fall short of their goals because they get discouraged, lose momentum and give up -- there's not the right person in their corner helping them RISE.

At Rise, you aren't buying a membership. You are hiring world class coaches to help you reach your goals, finally overcoming the stumbling blocks that always get you.

Our coaching is for the Youth Athlete looking to dominate their sport or the adult who wants to look, move, and feel like they did in their prime.

We not only build programs around your goals, your body type, and your injury history. But also advise on sleep, nutrition, and other ways to maximize your health investment!

Youth Coaching Options

Youth Group

Strength coaching for athletes looking to differentiate themselves from their competition
Strength coaching for kids looking to build a foundation of strength for their lives
Classes capped at 12 kids to make sure your kid gets the coaching they deserve

Team Training

Higher level, sport-specific training for teams looking to be faster, jump higher, and dominate!
Training designed for in-season & off-season, and injury prevention to keep your team READY
Coaching more than muscles -- we'll work the brain and eyes for increased reaction times 

Small Group Personal Coaching

This is our version of one-on-one personal training, but better. Traditional personal training costs upwards of $140 a session. At that price point, it's expensive and unattainable for most people.

At RISE, our small group approach offers you all the benefits of individualized coaching, but for a fraction of the cost (as low as $28/session)! Making this way more accessible and affordable.

Whether you need individualized coaching to work around nagging injuries or simply want the very best stimulus for building muscle and burning fat, small group personal training is the fastest path to your goals.


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RISE Strength and Performance
108 S. Maple Street Lebanon Tennessee 37087
Sam Pfister - Owner & Head Coach

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