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Check Your Alignment...

Today I was watching a show that happened to interview Nick Saban. Now, he's a pretty darn good coach so my ears perked up. He was talking about coaching these young men. Some are obsessed and just GO, but most know they want to be great but need help and guidance -- that's where a majority of us are as well (including me). Here was his message for us regular folks trying to do good but struggle day in and day out: Are your behaviors aligned with the goals that you have? If not, how can you better align those? But a single minded purpose in your priority as a football player and how you develop is important to becoming what you are capable of being. These words ring true for all of us. Want to be great at your business, do your actions align with that? Want to be healthy and be there for your family, do your actions align with that? Want to be a great parent or spouse or sibling, do your actions align with that? See it's not so much that we don't WANT to be those things, just that our actions don't follow what our stated desires are. My own coach always says, does your video match your audio? Back in the day, TV and movies would get distorted and the audio doesn't align with the video and it threw everything off. That's how our actions can be, little by little the video and audio don't match up. Our actions don't match our goals. And ya know what? That's OK, just recognized it's happened, give yourself some grace and get focused on a tiny step you can take toward better alignment. Maybe it's meal prepping your meals on Sundays. Maybe it's writing out your commitments in a day planner. Maybe it's putting your phone away for focused time with the family. Maybe it's going for a walk around the block before jetting off to work. Start taking small steps toward better alignment. You got this.

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