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Small Group Personal Training

The RISE Difference

Most gyms want to shove you into a one size fits all group class, that makes you guess whether you're doing the move right, where you'll be in pain the next day... leaving you SWEATY rather than BETTER.

Rise changes the game. Putting your health, your goals, and your safety at the center of every workout to get you phenomenal results.


The Difference

Small Group Personal Training is a customized program written for your goals, your injury history, and your skill level. We will push you to have a great workout and get results, but you're in control to hit the gas or slow down at any point in the workout. These workouts are programmed to get you results, whether you're a former D1 athlete or a former couch potato.


Each session has a MAX of 5 people. You're in there with 4 other dedicated hard workers, each pushing themselves to the limit of their ability under the watchful eye of a world-class coach. We celebrate victories together and help push each other to uphold our standard every workout.


Comprehensive Coaching

Our coaching doesn't just exist inside our walls. We take a deep dive into your HABITS, including NUTRITION, SLEEP, STRESS, RECOVERY. This maximizes your investment in your health by optimizing the critical factors to reach your goals FASTER. Other gyms DO NOT do this.

Hear from ACTUAL People About RISE

Here's a Peak in an ACTUAL Session 

For a Limited Time.
2 week trial is only


What's Included??

  • Two small group personal training sessions a week

  • One team training session on Saturday

  • Transformation strategy session

  • InBody body scan to check body composition status

  • Custom meal plan and nutrition guidebook

  • 10% off meal delivery through Hard Fuel Meals

This is an enormous value you don't want to miss.

Oh and did we mention it is


Yep, we are so confident in our results, our coaches, and our community that if you don't love it and feel better, you get your money back.

Still not convinced?
Check out this testimonial montage.

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