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Fall Break and Gainz

This is from my member newsletter.... so it will sound different than usual blog posts!

Good morning Risers! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and geared up for a great week ahead.

I know a number of you are on vacation this week or next week so I wanted to send out some encouragement to stay in some good rhythms as well as some workout ideas for you.

First -- you can do a lot of really good mobility, back tension relief, and get a good pump on by rolling or crawling around on the ground.

Check out some rolling drills ​here​, ​here​ and ​here.​ Here are some good crawling moves you can do ​here​, ​here​, ​here​, and ​here​.

Second -- iso holds are a great way to get a pump without needing any equipment. Want to flex your biceps but can't do 4 sets of 10? Do two sets of a 30 second curl iso hold with a towel around your foot. Want to get a chest pump but can't do your usual cluster set of push ups? Do a bottom of push up hold from the knees, hold that for two sets of max time and your chest and arms will be feelin it!

Third -- your legs are awesome movers of the body. Don't discount doing a big set of 50 body weight squats or 20 walking lunges per leg really getting your heart rate up, a good sweat on, and a nice leg burn in place of your goblet squat or back squat.

Fourth -- If you do have weights where you're staying, commit to going to the gym to just do two exercises. I like doing a push pull combination like an RDL and a DB bench or a Squat with a Row. For some ideas, ​check out this YouTube video​.

Fifth -- if you want to watch what you eat/drink during vacation, then set ground rules that MUST be followed. Pay your spouse a large sum of money if you have more than one drink; want that extra dessert? gotta do 30 squats and 30 push ups with your kids. Whatever the rules. Just stick with em or they're not rules, they're just cute words floating through your head.

Alright, that's all folks! I hope this has been a helpful email! I'm also going to post this to my blog so if you need to refer back to it, you can find it there.

Have a great vacation and we'll see you back here real soon.

Coach Sam

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