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Small Group Personal Coaching

Remember when you had amazing energy, could go all day, keep up with the kids, and still have some oomph left in the tank at the end of the day?

Remember waking up not feeling stiff, lethargic, and disconnected from your body?

Remember when you could take on whatever challenge was thrown your way?

You don't have to keep living that way. At Rise, you can Reclaim Your Strength through our expert coaching, supportive community, and group accountability.

You need Coaching

When were you most successful in your fitness journey? It probably wasn't when you were going it alone, not sure where to begin, what to do, if you were doing things right...

How many times have you tried to do this on your own?

At Rise Strength and Performance, we are going to break that cycle and finally get you the dream body and mental confidence you've been longing for.

That's why we are the expert coaches. We will create a customized program for your body, your injury history, and your goals. We then implement that program together.

Each coaching session you and a few other dedicated life changers have specific programming.

This gives you the individual attention, instruction, and accountability you need to hit your goals without the high cost of one on one personal training.

For your first month, you'll not only get 3 small group coaching sessions a week, you'll get...
Lifestyle tracker to supercharge your results..
30 Day Habit Study Guide to help set in stone your new healthy habits...
A Guide to Healthy Eating to lose fat, gain muscle, and firm up your body


I'll let this hard data tell the story of success and changed lives

33 Year Old Male
Lost 14 Pounds of fat
Gained over 6 Pounds of muscle
Went from 31.6 to 25% Body Fat Percentage
67 Year Old Grandmother
Gained 3 Pounds of Muscle
Lost 2 Pounds Fat
Lost over 2% Body Fat 
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