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Youth Group Coaching

Youth Group Coaching is designed for athletes looking to take their training and game speed to the next level and for kids looking to get strong and learn how to lift weights without getting hurt...

Your kid needs proper strength coaching.

Schools are cutting down on "P.E." like we had it. Cramming more kids into a packed gym (if they go to a gym at all!), with shorter classes, and fewer coaches (like actual strength coaches!) -- with all sorts of negative consequences...

They're spending more time chained to desks...

they don't develop physically..

are more prone to injury when they do lift..

are getting information from Tik Tok influencers rather than professionals..

don't develop the bond that comes from working hard with their friends..

and, perhaps most importantly...

they don't develop the life altering GRIT and TOUGHNESS that comes from a challenging strength training regimen.

All of these are important life lessons they're missing out on...

Until Now...


Youth Group Coaching is

Closely supervised and expertly coached weightlifting..

Open to any kid willing to put in the work..

Focus on moving well, then moving FAST..

Developing agility and strong joints..

Challenging lifts to make hammers and develop grit..

**Youth Group capped at 12 kids to ensure your kid gets the coaching and accountability to get them RESULTS at an affordable cost**

Teaching young boys and girls to move properly early...

reduces injury in sport

increases metabolism and energy

regulates hormones and body rhythms

increases confidence

creates good habits for life

Not only will your kid develop athleticism to compliment their athletic endeavors, they'll get...

Hierarchy of Athletic Optimization Guidebook (it's NOT just about food)

Parent's Guide to a Well-Rounded Athlete (it's NOT what you think)

These resources are FREE to Youth Group athletes because what is done in the gym is only PART of the equation!

When your son or daughter joins Rise Strength & Performance,

you're not buying them a membership, you're hiring us as Coaches.

We are here to guide, mentor, and build up your son or daughter into great athletes and even better people!!

Our motto is

Lift Heavy in the Gym, Be Light in the World

We try to build that in ourselves and our clients too!

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