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Our boys played with more confidence and more dominance
- Joe Bond, Head Coach TN Heat

Local Dad of Three...
I've been inconsistent and tried everything, until Rise.

Military veteran feels better than ever despite heart surgery, burn pit lung, knee, shoulder, back injuries...

I'm getting compliments from my husband... Sam's lifts are engaging and challenging!
- Donna, 67

Sam wasn't judgmental because I've never lifted before... I feel more confident in myself & my body!
- Amy 28

I've lost lots of fat and put on lots of muscle!
- Tim

I hadn't worked out in years.. Sam's  focus on mobility was great for my hips, back, and knee.
- Sarah Ruth 36

My workouts are tailored for my injury history and for my sport
- Manzar, 63, US World Cup Field Hockey Team Captain

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