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Team Coaching

Rise Youth Team Coaching and Consulting is sport specific, science-backed programming to make your team...

more resilient and less likely to get injured, keeping them on the field longer and with better outcomes...

more explosive and quicker...

stronger and smarter than your competitors...

more aware of their movement in space to capitalize on your competitors' weaknesses...

an increased field of vision to see and react faster than your competitors...

diversity of movement patterns to make them harder to defend and dangerous from any angle...

TN Heat Basketball Champs_edited.jpg
Is Your Team Strength Training Translating to Wins?
What's the point of their lifting program? To get them good at lifting or better at their sport?
Are your athletes getting stronger as the season goes on?
Are your athletes losing gas come tournament time?
Is their training dynamic and explosive in various angles of attack?
Have you kept dealing with same pesky injuries with the same key players?

At RISE we use the latest in sports science, verifiable metrics, and old school WORK to forge your team into Absolute Units.

Made for any athlete -- Boys, Girls, new athletes, college bound beasts

Made for any sport -- from basketball to gymnastics, from football to track


Not JUST Weight Training

Nutrition Consulting for Lean & Mean Growth
Mobility, Stability, and Core Training for Durability
Neurological Training for Increased Proprioception
Stress Management Strategies for Increased Game Performance

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